#OrinIhinrere: VEMI feat. ACHIEVER – JPG (Just Praise God) || @vemi001

Nigerian gospel rapper Vemi ft. Achiever (a.k.a Godson) on this song JPG (Just Praise God) speaks about the power of praise coming from the spirit and truth.

It encourages stepping up the game to praising and giving thanks even when your request is yet to be answered. When the children of Israel were against the wall of Jericho, praise was the weapon that brought down the obstacle and they marched unto victory.

Have you ever imagine how crazy it will be for the devil when you praise God over everything? This lyrical flow will get you aligned to the praise world so when you pray without ceasing also praise without ceasing.

Adeleke Peter Femi (Vemi) and Shonde Timothy (Achiever) are both final year students of the Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB).

Let everything that has breath praise the lord!




In the place of prayers, we got sustainer

But in the place of praise is the key to the container

Verse 1 (Vemi)

Praise is the swag be the MIC you can be wireless

At the moment of thanksgiving, the devil become powerless

Overcome him by your testimonies trample him under

You gotta be tireless, why not take it beyond border

Ooh!! you’ve been praying for that thing for a very long time

And you’ve been trying to give it up in a short while

You put in your energy but ain’t got a perfect line

Got you thinking you crossover to the other side

Yea, you”ve been doing seven and going twenty-one days

Searching nooks and cranny for solutions unto your case

But all the people you meeting got zero to say

And got you reminiscing c’mon maybe there is no way

Why not build your tabernacle in the realm of thanksgiving

Give your raw n pure worship like that handwritten

For sure your testimonies can never be rubbished

When the lord is involved in it nobody can stop it


Amen Hallelujah is the answer to the call

Breaking from the norms He is the calmness to the storms

He already fought the war and the battle has been won

Why not go on JPG just praise God

Verse 2 (Vemi)

To ba ti gbo JPG kise bi Ti camera

Oonilo lati zoom e tori baba ma dabira

Incoming blessing ki se gbe naira pelu dollar

Oje wa lo f’Allelujah le oshi bosinu gutter

Complicated equation Oluwa lo ma solve e

Owa n lo gbe sori bobo yi ode stop e

Won lo takoko Ko lo jutu wa lo brush e

Ogun to wa adamant yan wa lo fin yin flush e

Je kan mo PE oluwa Ti tan mole Ki segbe Ti candle

PE Oro aye re pata Ni baba tun ma handle

Gbogo lese ni o there is nothing that he can’t do

WA lo yin baba yan lyrically take this as a sample

Olumoran to monu to mo ta pelu gbogbo koro

Oba olowo gbogboro olola to ni gbogbo oro

Oluwa lo soro tenu ota ole gboro

Twale fun baba like sofun won ko soro mo

Back to Chorus

Verse 3 (Achiever)

Though we love to pray, But is time to praise

The praise that breaks the walls of Jericho will break those walls.

Ma je ki irewesi wa ninu okan re just be grateful.

Olorun to n so agbara dotun ko ma kii sun.

Ma da bi awon omo Israeli ti won o wa thankful

Da bi Paul and Silas ti o je pon fi Praise ja gun.

Sound the cymbals and trumpet let us praise his name.

For the needs of the righteous cannot be forgotten.

Thou the trouble might be large but cannot swallow God.

Let go on JPG, praise will break those walls

The walls of pain shame and course praise will break them all

The walls of disappointment failure praise erase them all.

It’s vemi and Achiever Godson on JPG

Praise is an heavenly language keep speaking it.)/2X

Back to Chorus


With praise, the wall of Jericho was broken down

You’ve got two-edged sword why not put the high praise in your mouth.

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