#OrinIhinrere: Esther Oladeji – “Ore Sinmi” A tribute by @gbadeofGod, Prod. by @klinmix_studio

Born in April 4,1990 Esther Oladeji into the family of the Oladejis at Sango Baptist Church, Ota, she attended Unique International School, Sango-Ota, she did her SSCE in Orile Agege Community School, Agege, Lagos.

She later proceeded to The Polytechnic Ibadan in 2007 where she got her ND in Music Tech and later continued her education in 2013 to bag a Degree in Music at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

During her stay in Ibadan she joined the ministry of Pst Gbade Ogunlana (Paito Wa) Bible City Church and served the Lord faithfully, she later later helped in building the music ministry of Christan Wisdom Center, led by Pst Enoch Durotoye. She works as studio back up artist for many studios like the Klinmix Studio, she also sang with Shola Allyson as a background vocalist in many of her appearances. She joined the famous Pianist Seun Owoaje on his musical works such as The Joy Of Music, and worked closely with late Dr Chris Ayodele where she had her last .

She passed on after an accident few days to her Youth Service on 13th July 2018. She was a very strong and amiable person. This is her final work recorded with Gbade Adetisola, it was still at the demo stage when it was recorded. But her voice and texts is yet filled with hope and encouragement. Listen and share with others.



Have you ever wondered why

Sometimes it’s dark in the morning

Did you ever stop to ask

Why rain pours during sunshine

To ba se ojo lo ye o ro yio ro

To ba so oorun lo ye o mu yio ran

Que Sera Sera

Ohun to ye o se yio se o


Ore sinmi arokan

Kekun asunndaa

Ma baa mu o leru

Repeat Chorus

Ye o ye o sinmi arokan

Kekun asunundaa

Ma baa mu o leru

Iwo arewa mama burewa

Tori Ekun asunundaa

Iwo ologbon ma ma domugo

Tori Ekun asunundaa

You need some rain

To keep your green land green

A sunshine to keep your path dry and clear

Life moves with happy and tears

Yeah e yeah e yeah e yeah

O ba sinmi arokan ooo

Kekun asunndaa

MA ba mu O leru

Repeat Chorus

Smile would look good on you

When you put it on as a wear

Happiness comes with tears

Choose happy and live

O ba sinmi arokan

Kekun asunndaa ko ma ba so o deru

Ore sinmi ooo ye Kekun asunndaa ba so o deru

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