Album: Oro mi ja s’ope – Christway Choir || @christwaychoir

The Christway Choir’s album titled Oro mi ja s’ope has now been released for digital downloads and streaming, a statement from the choir media department confirms.

The 7-track album is one of the 2021 album projects of the choir and is released both in audio and video formats.

Christway choir is the music arm of Christway C&S Church, located in Lagos, Nigeria. The church, in her focus to further promote the message of the gospel uses this music project by the choir to reach out to more people and propagate the love of Christ which is not limited by denomination.

The Oro mi ja s’ope album has tracks titled;

  1. E ba mi jo
  2. Oro mi ja s’ope
  3. Mo to o wa
  4. Iyinlogo
  5. Oruko re
  6. Ope Alaye
  7. Grace

The full album is available on all digital stores, and video on the choir’s YouTube channel.

Download ‘Oro mi ja s’ope’ album

Watch video on Youtube;

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