#OrinIhinrere: Esther Igbekele Out With New Thanksgiving Medley – ‘Divine Praise’ |@estherigbekele

  Energetic praise and worship leader, songwriter, and music minister, Esther Igbekele dives in from an unusual dimension in a new-release praise medley titled ‘Divine Praise‘. Known as ‘the Duchess of music‘, Esther proves this title in her arrangement and vocal delivery in this new single. With the creative production of Tobi Aluko (La techs). The August-16 born singer also gives this out as free … Continue reading #OrinIhinrere: Esther Igbekele Out With New Thanksgiving Medley – ‘Divine Praise’ |@estherigbekele

#OrinIhinrere: Esther Igbekele – Just One Plague (COVID-19) |@estherigbekele

In light of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreading globally, music minister Esther Igbekele drops a new single titled ‘Just One Plague‘ as a form of awareness for all to stay safe during the outbreak that has hit the world. The song is also a prophetic statement to end the global virus, which is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 … Continue reading #OrinIhinrere: Esther Igbekele – Just One Plague (COVID-19) |@estherigbekele

#OrinIhinrere: Victor Ademofe – Ayun Ile @victorademofe

  Virtuoso trumpeter, singer & percussionist, Victor Ademofe releases a new song titled ‘Ayun Ile‘. The new song, released with a creative storytelling video is a song of hope and consolation for those who have their loved ones away. The song was written based on a true-life story of a friend who in search of a better life outside the shores of Nigeria sent messages back home … Continue reading #OrinIhinrere: Victor Ademofe – Ayun Ile @victorademofe